Code enforcement & land use

This department is responsible for all code enforcement and land use services, including review of the zoning code, processing land use applications, and managing the divisions within the department, which are:

Division of Zoning and Planning
Coordinates applications between the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The administrator will determine which board has jurisdiction to hear an application.

Division of Housing
Responsible for managing affordable housing requirements and fees, and for inspecting rental properties according to the Township Code.

Division of Construction
Ensures that all construction meets various State of New Jersey statutes as well as Township Ordinances.

Division of Code Enforcement
Develops, implements and enforces ordinances and codes relating to land use, such astrailer park/mobile home park/signs, swimming pools, etc.

  • Adjusting lot lines
  • Preparing a property for subdivision and development
  • Processing requests for use and density variances

We will be happy to guide you through the entire application process, to ensure that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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More Information

Contact us for advice on:

  • Applications
  • Fee schedules
  • The master plan
  • Ordinances
  • Other planning and zoning related issues

NOTICE: All Certificates of Occupancy need well and septic approvals from the County, or certifications with the application.