Tax Office

The Tax Collector is responsible for billing and collection of all real estate taxes and maintaining all billing records, tax collections, municipal and third party tax liens, and results of tax appeals.

Your tax bill includes funding for the:

  • County
  • County open space
  • School
  • Fire District
  • Municipal Government
  • Municipal open space

Property Taxes 

Property taxes are due on: 

  • February 1st
  • May 1st
  • August 1st
  • November 1st

There is a 10-day grace period. The State of New Jersey does not allow us to use the postmark as proof. Your payment must be received in our office on or before the 10th of each month when taxes are due. If the 10th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until the next day to make your payment. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse you from paying taxes or interest on delinquent taxes.

All interest, penalties and fees are applied first, and the remaining balance will be applied to the principal.


You can pay with check, credit card or debit card or have the payment deducted from your bank account through our online payment system. Banks charge a fee for this service, so check the amount your are being charged before you authorize the payment. These convenience fees are charged by the company processing your electronic payments, and are not paid to nor shared with Franklin Township.

Quarterly Tax Reminder

To receive quarterly tax reminders, sign up with the "Notify Me" button below or on the home page. You can choose text, email or both. Your email address will be used only to send you tax reminders.